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MSAR University's Digital Repository is a documentation and digitization of all university outcomes that are of effective value in the scientific and academic community and reflects the university's image, work, and effective contribution to society Through MSAR Digital Repository, the university managed to collect, store, archive and publish digital content - including documents, audio files, images and data sets - all in a safe place. MSAR is one of the strongest University Digital Repositories in Egypt and documented in the DSPACE community with its latest versions.

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  • Sabry Soliman " 173751 ", Basel,; Makram Lotfy " 174103 ", Vironika,; Khaled " 173369 ", Youssef,; Moataz ALY " 174303 ", Aly,; Zaazou " Supervisor ", Dr. Zainab, (MSA university Faculty of Management, 2020)
    In an increasingly competitive global climate, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) have a huge effect on the economies of countries due to their large number and the share of the workforce involved. Small and ...
  • Mohamed " 172559 ", Kholoud,; Seif El Nasr " 171147 ", Layla,; Walid " 171145 ", Omniya,; Ahmed " 171335 ", Sahar,; Tawfik " Supervisor ", Prof. Yasser, (MSA university Faculty of Management, 2020)
    In the digital era, people have been using the internet regularly to facilitate their lives. For instance, Video on demand services ( helps consumers t o orchestrate their viewings in terms of content, time and location ...
  • Shaibani Masoud " 175355 ", Abdulla; Ghanam " Supervisor ", Dr. Adel,; Osama, TA. Hend, (MSA university Faculty of Management, 2021)
    manufacturers usually produce finished goods or raw material to produce other goods by using the power of labor and machines. Manger at manufacturers wants to ensure that machines are working most efficiently during ...
  • Mohamed ElAyoubi " 183825 ", Sarah,; Mohamed Kamal " 185847 ", Khaled,; Helmy " Supervisor ", Prof. Dr. Heba, (MSA university Faculty of Management, 2020)
    The Arab Spring has drastically altered the direction in which the MENA region was once heading – a revolution that once aimed to democratize one of the most appointive regions in the world has distorted everything they ...
  • Mohamed AbdelAziz El Samahy " 173831 ", Ahmed,; Abdou " supervisor ", Prof. Doaa (MSA university Faculty of Management, 2020)
    Improving education, as well as economic growth, is central in development strategies. However, education and growth, have been debatable, as improving education does not guarantee economic growth. This paper discusses the ...

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